Friday, September 21, 2007

Gun Fury 1953

Dusty catfight between Donna Reed (as Jennifer Ballard) and Roberta Haynes (as Estella Morales) which unfortunately was broken up some time after it started.

Barfly 1987

Rolling hair pulling bar catfight between Faye Dunaway (as Wanda Wilcox) wearing a dress for some nice panty shots and Alice Krige (as Tully Sorenson) wearing long pants. The fight is broken up but Ms Dunaway had the advantage.

Poker Alice 1987

Slaps turn into a brawl between Elizabeth Taylor and Susan Tyrrell in a surprisingly well-done fight of good length and above average. Both ladies punch and tear each other apart in a battle that extends from a hallway right down a flight of stairs. It's there that Ms. Taylor and Ms. Tyrell come face to face with a solid right hook from Liz that convinces sobbing Sue to crawl. Elizabeth seems to have done much of the fight herself as opposed to relying on a stuntwoman.Western catfight in the best traditions of "Destry".

San Antone 1953

Great western catfight between Arleen Whelan (as Julia Allerby) and Katy Jurado (as Mistania Figueroa).

Red Sonja 1985

Brunette Sandahl Bergman (as evil Queen Gedren) engages in an extremely lengthy fight with redhead Brigitte Nielsen (as Red Sonja). Their battle is limited to fighting with swords with little hand-to-hand action.

Savage Streets 1984

It has two pretty fights: rolling classroom catfight between brunette Linda Blair (as Brenda) and blonde Rebecca Perle (as Cindy) who is stripped topless,and shower room catfight between Ms. Blair and Ms. Perle.

Save the Last Dance 2001

Catfight between white girl Julia Stiles (as Sara Johnson) and black girl Bianca Lawson (as Nikki) each wearing shorts and a tee shirt during gym class in high school while playing basketball.

Walk on the Wild Side 1962

Good,quick but noisy catfight with Jane Fonda starring.

Women in the Night 1948

Very nice fight.Two women fighting in Shanghai near the end of the second world war.

Yankee Pasha 1954

Harem girls roll around fight between the lovely red hair Rhonda Fleming (as Roxana Reil) and sexpot blonde Mamie Van Doren (as Lilith). They have a nicely done fight of good length that is worth watching.

Wild Women of Wongo 1958

The movie is considered to be some worse, but it has a nice fight between Adrienne Bourbeau and an unidentified brunette on a beach with both women wearing skimpy two piece cave girl outfits.

School of the Holy Beast 1974

Hot nice nun`s catfight is of slaps and wrestling on the ground.

Revenge of the Musketeers 1994

Catfight between heroine Sophie Marceau (as Eloïse d'Artagnan) wearing long pants and the villainess Charlotte Kady (as Eglantine de Rochefort) wearing a long dress in a bedroom and is of very good quality but too brief.

Three Musketeers 1973

Big dresses catfight between Raquel Welch (as Constance de Bonancieux) and Faye Dunaway (as Milady de Winter) which is interrupted.There is a some more fun than fight in this one.

Prehistoric Women 1950

Long Cavewoman catscrap, excellent fight between Laurette Luez and Mara Lynn.Catfight goes on for a long time before one of the combatants gives up.

Tabu 1931

Brief but nice little scrap, a girl lover fights with one of her tribal rivals in a stream.

Maniac 1934

Long thrashing clothes ripping catfight between Thea Ramsey (as Alice Maxwell) and Phyllis Diller (as Mrs. Buckley) .

Gunslinger 1956

Strawberry blonde short hair Beverly Garland (as Marshal Rose Hood) wearing a white blouse, long jean pants with a gun belt strapped on and the statuesque short hair redhead Allison Hayes (as Erica Page) wearing a floor length saloon hostess dress duke it out in a saloon brawl in front of the delighted saloon clientele. The women engage in a combination fistfight and wrestling rolling around on the floor.Good not so long catfight.

Creatures the World Forgot 1972

There are two catfights in the movie.The first one is rolling down on the sand.The second one is
cavegirls wrestle in which Julie Ege (as Nala) clashes with Marcia Fox (as The Mute Girl).

Colorado Territory 1949

Fight to get to door,catfight between Virginia Mayo (as Colorado Carson) and Dorothy Malone (as Julie Ann Winslow) in a cabin, spending most of the bout rolling around on the floor.

Last house on the left 1972

Fierce roll around outside catfight between mature Cynthia Carr wearing long pants and Jeramie Rain wearing a skirt.

She fought alone 1995

Floor rolling catfight between a long hair brunette wearing a flowered skirt and a long hair blonde wearing a gray skirt in a High School girl’s room, just a little bet of legs but darn no panty shots. The fight is broken up by a female teacher that gets slapped by one of the fighting girls.Very nice sexy catfight.

Destry rides again 1939

Great hair pulling, cloth-ripping saloon catfight between saloon bad-girl Marlene Dietrich (as Frenchy) and Una Markel (as Lily Belle Callahan) . Both women display excellent brawling.

Jesse James Women 1954

Jealous and attractive blonde Peggie Castle(saloonkeeper Waco) fights vs cowgirl brunette Betty Bruck (as Cattle Kate Kennedy) in one of the best ever made saloon western catfight.


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