Friday, September 21, 2007

Gun Fury 1953

Dusty catfight between Donna Reed (as Jennifer Ballard) and Roberta Haynes (as Estella Morales) which unfortunately was broken up some time after it started.

Barfly 1987

Rolling hair pulling bar catfight between Faye Dunaway (as Wanda Wilcox) wearing a dress for some nice panty shots and Alice Krige (as Tully Sorenson) wearing long pants. The fight is broken up but Ms Dunaway had the advantage.

Poker Alice 1987

Slaps turn into a brawl between Elizabeth Taylor and Susan Tyrrell in a surprisingly well-done fight of good length and above average. Both ladies punch and tear each other apart in a battle that extends from a hallway right down a flight of stairs. It's there that Ms. Taylor and Ms. Tyrell come face to face with a solid right hook from Liz that convinces sobbing Sue to crawl. Elizabeth seems to have done much of the fight herself as opposed to relying on a stuntwoman.Western catfight in the best traditions of "Destry".

San Antone 1953

Great western catfight between Arleen Whelan (as Julia Allerby) and Katy Jurado (as Mistania Figueroa).

Red Sonja 1985

Brunette Sandahl Bergman (as evil Queen Gedren) engages in an extremely lengthy fight with redhead Brigitte Nielsen (as Red Sonja). Their battle is limited to fighting with swords with little hand-to-hand action.

Savage Streets 1984

It has two pretty fights: rolling classroom catfight between brunette Linda Blair (as Brenda) and blonde Rebecca Perle (as Cindy) who is stripped topless,and shower room catfight between Ms. Blair and Ms. Perle.

Save the Last Dance 2001

Catfight between white girl Julia Stiles (as Sara Johnson) and black girl Bianca Lawson (as Nikki) each wearing shorts and a tee shirt during gym class in high school while playing basketball.